Ruby, Co-host & Guest Musician

Ruby plays guitar, piano, recorder, and sings. She is in fourth grade. Ruby has participated in three years of Shade Tree Players. She can be heard singing on "Polly Wolly Doodle" on this podcast; it is available for free download below. She is great with animals and is pictured here with her beloved Heyman. 


Finn, Student Spotlight

Finn is an 8th grader at Horizon Middle School. Finn's family owns The Gifted Bean Coffee House--and he is a guy who likes coffee! He loves to play basketball, football, and track. His music tastes include Metallica, AC/DC, Jimmy Hendricks, Joe Bonamassa, Miles Davis, Imagine Dragons, and Led Zeppelin. His other "likes" are sleeping and eating. :)


Morgan, Composer Corner

Morgan is a sixth grader at St. Mary's. She enjoys music, hockey, and soccer. She has recently begun composing music. She performed in public for the first time in March 2018 for a St. Patrick's Day event at the Burleigh County Senior Center with Kittyko.


Zoe, Student Spotlight & Special Guest Interview

Zoe is a ninth grader at Legacy High School. She plays bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor sax, and piano. She is in jazz band and freshman band. Zoe loves animals (particularly cats), and she enjoys hanging out with friends and family. [Hey, nice kitty ears, Zoe! --Kittyko]


Carter, Student Spotlight

Carter is in 6th grade at Horizon. He loves soccer and plays both indoor and outdoor. He also enjoys reading. He takes part in the Brave the Shave event annually. He has raised over $6000 in the past 4 years for childhood cancer research and to help support the families affected by childhood cancer. 


Brad Stockert, Music Teacher Moment

Brad Stockert earned a B.S. in Music Education from the University of Mary. His teaching
experience ranges from elementary to the college level. He has adjudicated percussion
auditions for North Dakota All-State Concert Band, Orchestra and Jazz Band, and has appeared
as a guest clinician around the state of North Dakota. Brad has compiled his years of experience
teaching privately into a percussion curriculum that includes four workbooks for drum set and a
workbook for snare drum. He also arranges music for middle school and high school percussion
ensembles. Brad currently works as a percussion specialist in the Bismarck Public Schools. He
also teaches private percussion lessons and performs in a variety of local performance groups.



Kittyko (Kris Kitko) is a certified teacher, composer, and performer. She holds a master's degree in instructional design and technology. She has taught in schools in Florida, Colorado, Chicago, and North Dakota and has offered music lessons and tutoring for over 25 years. Kittyko believes that we all have music inside us and that it's fun to share musical experiences with each other. She developed the Kittyko Radio podcast to offer her students an opportunity to participate in a unique media experience that includes pre-production activities such as rehearsal/practice and composing; production activities such as recording vocals and acoustic or digital instruments; and post-production such as editing audio files. She also would like others to get a chance to hear these wonderful musicians. She performs in schools and at community events. Visit her at and sign up for her newsletter.


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