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Gentle Sounds

Kittyko Music is happy to announce the new Gentle Sounds project.

Gentle Sounds has two components:

1. Anyone can simply share any gentle sounds they enjoy through comments on this site's guestbook or posts on the Gentle Sounds Group Facebook page. You can simply make a comment or post a video or audio recording of anything you find gentle and soothing. It can be a video that you've recorded on your own phone/device or a link you found elsewhere (such as a recording of gentle sounds or music from YouTube).

2. Kittyko will be arranging visits to hospice/long-term care clients to bring gentle sounds to them. All levels are welcome; we will bring guitars, ukuleles, and other instruments. We will sing, hum, or gently play our instruments. There is no charge to participate or further obligation. Kittyko will lead very small groups (1-5 people) for most visits. These will be arranged privately with the care provider and Gentle Sounds volunteers to accommodate schedules. 

If you'd like to participate in the Gentle Sounds project or for more information, contact Kittyko through phone, text, or email:


Songs for Nursing Home Visits

These are short clips of traditional folk songs we may sing during visits. For hospice or memory care visits, the songs will be sung and played softly, as they are recorded here.

Students may listen to these or practice before visits if they'd like (not required).