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Hi, Everyone!

When I booked the recital room weeks ago, most folks had the date open. As time went on, they realized that many school holiday shows were subsequently scheduled for the same day. 

A few families asked if we could start a bit earlier to accommodate--their kids have worked so hard on a recital piece & they'd love to take part.

So the new recital time is 6 pm. If that is too early for you, no problem! We can schedule your child later in the program. There will be time/room for your child if you cannot arrive by 6 pm. :)

If this new time still does not allow for your child to participate, that's ok--we will have additional opportunities coming up!

Here is the previous email WITH THE REVISED TIME:


Happy December!

All are welcome to participate in the upcoming Kittyko Music recital on Thursday, December 14th at 6:00 pm at the Bismarck Library. 😁

Recital details:

  • Thursday, Dec. 14th at 6:00 pm
  • Meeting Room A (the large room), downstairs at the library
  • Open to all students, any age or experience level
  • New students are also welcome! We can find something fun to play if you'd like. :)
  • Students select what songs they will play and/or sing. 
  • Participation is encouraged but not mandatory. If a student doesn't want to play in the recital, they can still come watch if they'd like!
  • Free for everyone (students and audience members)
  • Students may play alone (solo), with a friend or family member, or with me.
  • Students are welcome to wear whatever they wish--including a costume if that makes it more fun for them!
  • Songs are not required to be holiday or winter themed. (Many are choosing Christmas/holiday songs, but song selection is individual choice).

I will check with people via text to see how many are planning to participate.

Some students want to take part but would rather do something on a totally different instrument from lessons or even lead a sing along--that's fine! 

The point of Kittyko Music recitals is to connect students to real world opportunities to share music. I support however they wish to do that.

Please feel free to text, email, or call if you have questions.

See you soon!

Kris “Kittyko” Kitko


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