Blobfish by Ms. F's Second Grade!

I had the opportunity to sub for this great class! As they were studying the poem "Blobfish" by Jill Egglston, we made up this tune to go with it. Aren't they great? :)

What is Kittyko Music & Education?

Kittyko is Kris Kitko, licensed teacher, recording artist, performer, and curriculum developer. At residencies, workshops, and conferences, Kittyko shares ideas and activities with teachers and students. Music and sound help us teach and learn in all content areas--you don't need to be a musician or music teacher to be creative with music and sound in the classroom! Incorporating these ideas in many aspects of instruction also helps educators with classroom management.

Kittyko Music & Education is private instruction and tutoring. Students creatively reach across the curriculum to fully engage as learners. In addition to the option to study music in a traditional "music lesson" format, students can:
  • Combine language arts & music composition to create slideshows or short films with original soundtracks
  • Use technology to transcribe original compositions that can be printed & shared
  • Compose music for original short podcasts featuring poetry or stories
  • Learn how to use technology to share creative works with others in a variety of formats
  • Share (perform) music at community events, such as the Bismarck Street Fair, Designer Genes Buddy Walk, Dakota West Arts Council's Kids Summer Stage, and literally hundreds of opportunities

ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES DESCRIBED ABOVE ARE PART OF MUSIC LESSON TIME--NO EXTRA CHARGE. Using interactive teaching and learning brings the material to life for students and adds meaning. Meaningful activities are crucial for learning!
DOWNLOAD: Click here to download from CD Baby--OR search Kittyko's music at your favorite online retailer. Kittyko's music is available everywhere! (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)

Listen to Kittyko's music:

North Dakota! Songs for Kids by Kittyko

by Kittyko Music & Education

Sixteen fun and interesting songs about North Dakota--for kids! Songs are catchy and filled with interesting intstrumentation and vocals. Great for home and school--and definitely road trips!

Who Let the Fly In?

by Kittyko Music & Education

Bugs, school, little brothers & sisters, loose teeth, dogs & cats--it's all here! Catchy, upbeat, fun, and smart--just like your young one. SAMPLE TRACKS BELOW:

  1. 1 Who Let the Fly In? 02:34
  2. 2 Stomachache 02:47
  3. 3 Why & How? 02:26


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